Wow its crazy that PG Sports is 5 years old today, #PGSport5! I’d like to thank everyone that supports the company. What started out as just a twitter page that I created because I was bored one night turned into something huge and wasn’t expecting this at all.
From having a shitty font logo I created on paint to the amazing designs by Seejepp & Jay to getting my childhood hero Chuck Knoblauch to wear one of my tees (with the shitty font logo make in paint), as the first professional athlete to wear PG Sports.


To hometown connects like Rob Jackson, Donald Thomas, Sio Moore, and Rob getting all the Redskins players to wear my gear, to Brandon Phillips, Didi Gregorius, Trent Williams, Vontaze Burfict rockin PG Sports in randomly everywhere, to going to all these games/events and making my network bigger & bigger. Breaking news stories before the top networks, getting tweets/follows from big time athletes, getting love from all the Connecticut pro athletes.
Rob and I
Now working with New Haven boxers Chad Dawson & Jimmy Williams and MLS player R.J. Allen.
Getting to give back by donating to Breast Cancer Awareness, Military foundation and sponsoring local teams & walks (such as Eric LeGrand’s Walk).
10648450_766102996764516_2542160641091527552_o f1a09db28a18923b3cef52159782dd77_original
I love seeing people wearing and enjoying PG Sports products. Its also great when a stranger see someone wearing it and says I know Paul. When I was college and everyone was reppin PG Sports around campus that was awesome!
I have so many thoughts I can’t even write them all down. Its been an amazing journey and I will continue to grow PG Sports EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE!
Oh ya NEW GEAR is COMING VERY SOON!! store.pg-sports.com

PG Talk: R.J. Allen

MLS Defender for New York City FC

Profile: R.J. Allen | Age: 25 | Old Bridge, NJ

Twitter: @RJallen21 | Instagram: @RJallen27

College: Monmouth University | MLS: New York City FC


PG: When did you first start playing soccer?
RJ: I started playing soccer at the age of 4.
Did you play any other sports growing up?
I played multiple sports; soccer, hockey, little bit of baseball until about the age of 13 then I decided to take over and focus on just soccer.
Who was your favorite athlete(s) and favorite sports teams growing up?
I grew up watching hockey and soccer. I was very into hockey games with my family and friends. Went to quite a few New Jersey Devil and New York Ranger games.
How and why did you pick to go to Monmouth?
Monmouth was the perfect fit for me both on and off the field. It was a small school with a good education and a great soccer program. I had already worked with Rob McCourt before attending the school through the Olympic development program so it was a very easy transition for me.
How was your college experience at Monmouth?
It was a fantastic three in a half years. We were a top five program at one point and made a run in the NCAA tournament year after year. I really enjoyed my time there and still keep in touch with my friends and current staff members at the school.
When did you know were going to be a professional soccer player?
It was always a dream of mine. It was a day I won’t forget. Getting that phone call and being drafted to Chivas USA will forever be a memory for me as a player in 2012.
What was your journey like to get to the MLS?
It was a very long journey. Longer than l expected. One with a lot of ups and downs but it couldn’t of come at a better time in my life. To be in New York playing for the biggest city in the world alongside some of the best players to play the game. It is very special for me.
What is it like to play for a new franchise (NYCFC) and to play at Yankee Stadium?
Being from the New York area this club means a lot to me. I love this city and it holds a special place in my heart. As far as Playing at Yankee Stadium; it is very special for me. I grew up attending Yankee games and it obviously is a very historic place.
What is it like to play with David Villa and Andrea Pirlo?
It’s a big deal. They have won many trophies throughout their careers. I try to learn as much as I can from a guy like David and Andrea.
What do you want to accomplish this 2016 season?
Win a trophy! Simple as that.
What are your goals that you want to reach in the MLS?
To win an MLS CUP as well as appear in a All Star game.
What do you like to do in your free time/offseason?
I spend it with my family and on go vacation.
Whats your favorite thing about PG Sports?
My favorite thing about PG sports is the fact you are following a dream of yours just like I am as a football player. It’s an honor to be a part of this great up and coming brand. More importantly your product is top class!

#TBT: How I Met Rob Jackson

Back in 2012 was when I really started getting serious with PG Sports.  I wanted to grow the brand and get more professional athletes wearing PG Sports.  So I reached out to West Haven High School Alum Rob Jackson of the Washington Redskins.  At the time I only had two professional athlete wearing PG Sports, Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds and retired 2nd baseman Chuck Knoblauch.  I message Rob via facebook and told him I was from West Haven & what I was trying to start with PG Sports. He replied saying “I would love to support the hometown.” We become friends and he helped grow PG Sports by spreading the word through the DMV.  A few pictures of him wearing PG Sports and it took off in West Haven!  While in the off-season everyone was always texting saying “yo I just saw Rob Jackson wearing PG Sports”, but I never ran into him while in West Haven.  Again using social media I tweeted him and we went out the next night. He invited me to a Redskins preseason game last year and I got to me some of the players like Trent Williams, Jarvis Jenkins, and Pierre Garcon.  Rob was yelling “yo Jarvis yo Trent this PG this PG.”  They said they loved the beanies and everyone was wearing them during practice.  Man I wish I had a GoPro then it was an awesome experience, I’ll never forget.

Rob Jackson

First picture Rob posted wearing a PG Sports shirt (2012)

Rob and I

Rob & I (2013)

Redskins gameAfter the Redskins preseason game with Rob Jackson & Jarvis Jenkins (2014)

The Cunning Man


Jerome Cunningham’s amazing journey to the NFL

by Michael Marcello

When you hear the 6’4’’ and 240 pound Jerome Cunningham’s college football statistics, you may not instantly think he’d be NFL material. If you caught sight of Jerome Cunningham, you would instantly start rethinking that previous statement. The tight end out of Southern Connecticut State University looks like you should be able to find a miniature version of him in a toy store’s action figure aisle. The Division II football product recorded 61 catches for 690 yards which included 7 touchdowns in 4 seasons. He was given the opportunity to try out for the Colts after going undrafted in 2013. After failing to receive a contract offer, he went back to school to finish his degree. In 2014, he was given tryouts by both the Saints and Cardinals; however, still no bites. Despite the disappointment, Jerome still wouldn’t back down. Jerome’s college teammate and good friend Gary Williams stated that, “Rome was just a bigger target than every other player on the field. His physique itself attracted coaches. He was also very fast for his size and could block the edge really well. He really got a lot of looks off of his hard work that he did on his own. After being cut three times by three different NFL teams he never gave up.”

Jerome worked that summer at a Taylor Rental branch located in Branford, Connecticut. Taylor Rental is a party equipment rental service and Jerome’s incredible strength proved to be an invaluable asset. I had the pleasure of meeting Jerome that summer, as I was fortunate enough to work beside him. The best part of him was not his unbelievable physique, but the genuine character and welcoming persona he had. Honestly, you would have never thought that he was trying out for NFL teams due to his humble manner. Even with our grueling work schedule in the hot summer sun all day, Jerome still got his work done in the weight room and on the field. I recall Jerome telling me many times how he was heading to the gym or to the field to work on his football skills, despite just working a 12 hour shift. You would think that someone who was nearly NFL bound to not exactly take a summer job setting up parties and graduations too seriously, but Jerome worked as hard as anyone if not harder. The things that Jerome would do on a regular basis were almost Bo Jackson like.

A few of us went to a McDonald’s for lunch one day last summer to escape from the summer sun for a bit. A typical summer work day turned into something special when Jerome noticed his phone going off and walked outside to take the call. As the rest of us continued eating our lunch, Jerome came back to tell us some amazing news. “I’m heading to the Giants”, he said with a huge grin on his face. You couldn’t help but feel great for him. The humble, sincere, hardworking Jerome Cunningham had a good chance to make his dreams come true. He had to leave for New York that day, so once we left the McDonald’s and got back to the Taylor Rental warehouse; we said our goodbyes and good lucks. There was no sense of jealousy from anyone, even though the rest of us would still have to wake up early the next morning to set up tents and fulfill other manual labor tasks. Jerome was that guy you couldn’t help but feel happy for.

Jerome was signed by the Giants as a rookie free agent on August 5, 2014 and then to the practice squad on September 3rd. He was signed to the active roster on December 17th and was active for the final 2 games of the 2014 season. Jerome hasn’t stopped there, as he’s currently competing for a starting tight end position and frequently receives praise for his hard work on and off the field.


#TBT: How I Met Daniel Rodriguez

One night my friend Ryan Smith was at the bar and saw Daniel Rodriguez at the bar and told him about my brand PG Sports. He gave him my business card and the next day Daniel Rodriguez followed me on twitter. I sent him a direct message on twitter and started talking.  He agreed to wear PG Sports gear and joined the PG Sports Team in 2012.

In the summer of 2013 I went down to visit Ryan at Clemson University. I couldn’t get a hold of Daniel because it was in season and the football team banned social media. So I figured I wasn’t going to be able to me him. Then it was the day before I was leaving, we were going to something to eat and my friend goes looks its D-Rod. I stopped him and introduced myself. It was just a coincidence and it was awesome to meet him.


PG Talk: Johnnie Bird III

Author | Coach | Trainer | Former walk-on point guard at Uconn

Profile: Johnnie Bird III | Age: 27 | Hometown: Fort Bragg, NC/Bridgeport, CT

Website: JohnnieBirdIII.com | Twitter: @JohnnieBirdIII | Instagram: @JohnnieBirdIII

College: University of Connecticut

Achievements: Author of “The Toughest Two” | Founder of Hoops Star Academy | UConn Basketball player | Final Four appearance | State Champion 02-03 (Bridgeport Central)


PG: When did you first start playing basketball?

JBIII: I first started as young kid. My dad played therefore I played.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I played baseball also. The sport grew on me and I ended up doing well in it.

Who was your favorite athlete(s) and favorite sports teams growing up?

My favorite athlete was Michael Jordan. He was the best of the best in my eyes. I used to wear his jersey to school all the time. Of course I loved the Bulls and still do. I am a big Ken Griffey Fan too. I’m also a Yankee Fan

How and why did you pick to go to UConn?

I went to UConn as a last resort. Being from North Carolina Originally I was wanted to go to UNC Chapel Hill but after that didn’t work out my guidance counselor and mother convinced me to give UConn a try. It was supposed to be only for a year, then I would transfer out. But obviously that didn’t happen.

How was your college experience at UConn?

My college experience was terrible in the beginning. I struggled making friends, with school, and finding my identity. In High school I knew who I was and what I was good at. At UConn I didn’t know either.

What was the hardest part about being a walk on at UConn?

The hardest part about being a walk-on was accepting the fact that we weren’t equals in relation to the Scholarship players. I had a hard time accepting that, which is probably why I worked so hard to change it.

Do you regret not going to a college that you could have played at?

Other than possibly getting my college education fully paid for, I don’t regret it. The things I went through at UConn helped mold me into the person I am today and I wouldn’t change that.

Why did you decide to write your book “The Toughest Two”?

I decided to write The Toughest Two because the things that I went through above and beyond just being a walk-on is something that a lot of people go through but many have zero guidance on how to get through. I hope that this book can provide clarity on the subject of walk-ons and hopefully spark a conversation on how they get treated. But above all I hope it  can help people who have gone through a similar situation.

Has anyone criticized you about writing this book because you go into ideas that many don’t know about?

In anything that you do there will be some who disagree. The topic of walk-ons on the local and national stage is taboo. Either because no one really cares about what they go through, or they think that we should just be “happy to be there”. Sure there are perks that come along with being affiliated with a team of UConn’s caliber, but to me the perks weren’t enough.

Do you think other walk ons can relate to your book (regardless of the sport)?

All walk-ons can relate. Even people who don’t play sports can relate to this book. It is more than just basketball, and more than just UConn. I’m positive that there are thousands if not millions of student athletes and people that this book will resonate with.

When’s the book signing?

Book Signings along with all of the other information about the book will be posted on my website JohnnieBirdIII.com

What are you up to now besides being an author?

Aside from writing the book, I have started a basketball development organization called Hoop Stars Academy that helps teach young athletes the fundamentals of basketball and coaches them on handling life outside of the court. I also use my Economics degree by working in Finance.

What do you like to do in your free time besides basketball?

What very little free time I have now a days I like to just relax and hang around friends and family.

How do you feel about UConn basketball’s future?

I feel that UConn basketball is in great hands with Coach Ollie. I love his passion for the game and players.

Where can everyone purchase your book?

You can Purchase the Book on Barnes & Noble’s website BN.com and it is also available for digital download on the Nook, Kindle, and all apple devices.



PG Talk: Eric Young Jr.

MLB Outfielder for the Atlanta Braves

Profile: Eric Young Jr. | Age: 29 | Hometown: New Brunswick, NJ

Twitter: @EYjr | Instagram: @itsEYjr

College: Chandler-Gilbert Community College | MLB: Atlanta Braves

Achievements: MLB Debut 8/25/09 | Drafted in the 30th round of the 2003 MLB Draft | 2013 National League Stolen Base Champion | 2nd-Generation MLB player

EYJr Braves

PG: When did you first start playing baseball?

EY: I started playing baseball at age 7 for a league. I was swinging a bat for as long as I can remember.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I played basketball and football growing up.

Who was your favorite athlete(s) and favorite sports teams growing up?

My father was my favorite athlete. Whatever team he was on, was the team I cheered for.

How and why did you end up at Chandler-Gilbert Community College?

I needed to go somewhere to work on my game all year long. AZ provided summer, fall, and spring ball.

What was your experience getting drafted to the MLB?

It was a blessing. The first step to my dream was taking place.

What was your reaction when you got called up to the Colorado Rockies?

Dream come true. The day was finally here and it was reality.

What was in like playing in your first MLB game on August 25, 2009?

Nervousness, excitement, and fantasy all mixed in one. Unforgettable day.

What was in like to play for the same team your father did? (Rockies)

It was awesome. As a little kid, you cheer for them, imagine your name on the locker, and it came true.

How was your time in the Big Apple with the New York Mets?

Great experience. Learned a lot on and off the field. I got to play near my home state of NJ.

Were you upset the New York Mets didn’t re-sign you?

No. Everything happens for a reason. Stay positive and optimistic in every situation. Keep moving forward and progressing.

Recently you signed with the Atlanta Braves what are your expectations for the season?

I want to continue progressing as a person and player, and ultimately help this team win ball games.

Have far do you think the Braves can go this season?

You step on the field to compete and win. If you have any other expectation for the team besides winning, you’re playing for the wrong reasons.

Which MLB pitcher do you love to hit against?

That just depends how I’m feeling at the plate.

You were the stolen base champion in 2013, do you think you can do it again?

I definitely believe in myself and my god-given abilities.

Do you think you are the fastest man in the MLB?

I feel I am, but being fast is not the same as being smart on the bases.

Any favorite teammates or a player you want to play with?

I’m excited every year to play with various talented players across the country.

What do you like to do in your free time/offseason?

Try to spend and invest time in my family, since I’m away during the season.

What’s your favorite thing about PG Sports?

I enjoy the products and the logo.


Billy Turner x PG Sports

Billy Turner attended North Dakota State University and was a 4 year starter (2010-2013) for the Bison.  The North Dakota State football program was a powerhouse at the division 2 level and in 2004 they moved up to division 1 level (FCS).  They have now become a powerhouse in the FCS, winning three straight national championships (2011, 2012, 2013).  Billy was a two-time All-American at NDSU as a left tackle (allowing 0 sacks in the 2013 season). He was one of the top small-school prospects of the 2014 NFL Draft.  This past May Turner was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the 3th round, becoming one of the highest pick out of NDSU. Welcome to the #PGSportsTeam Billy! #FinUpsBilly Turner

PG Talk: Dom Leone

MLB Relief Pitcher for the Seattle Mariners 

Profile: Dominic Leone | Age: 22 | Hometown: Norwich, Connecticut

Twitter: @DLeone52 | Instagram: @DLeone12

High School: Norwich Free Academy | College: Clemson University | MLB: Seattle Mariners

Achievements: MLB Debut 4/6/14 | Drafted in the 16th rounded of the 2012 MLB Draft | Captain at Clemson | #81 prospect in the Cape Cod League by Perfect Game | 2010 College World Series Appearance | 2010 ACC Atlantic Division Champions | #1 high school prospect in Connecticut | 2x All-State selection in Connecticut 


Seattle Mariners’ manager Lloyd McClendon said had great things to say about Leone “He’s a talented young man, capable of multiple innings. I can tell you this. I will not be afraid to put him in impactful situations because he’s that good and we feel that good about him. I think he adds a lot to this bullpen.” 

PG: When did you first start playing baseball?

DL: I first started playing when I was 4.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I played baseball, basketball, soccer growing up. I played football my freshman year in high school and basketball for 2 years in high school.  I also love to play golf. Growing up I would try and play whenever I could. 

Who was your favorite athlete(s) and favorite sports teams growing up?

My favorite player was Nomar Garciaparra. My favorite pitcher was Pedro Martinez. Needless to say I was a huge Boston Red Sox fan. I used to impersonate Nomar’s batting stance playing wiffleball in my backyard.

How and why did you pick to go to Clemson?

I went to a few showcases for baseball my junior year in high school and was lucky enough to get interest from a couple big name schools. Clemson was one of them and I took an official visit my senior year in September. The campus was beautiful, the facilities were top of the line, and the people and staff were really welcoming and determined. That sense of pride in their university and determination to win at the highest level really drew me in. 

How was your college experience at Clemson?

My college experience was awesome. Top level competition, facilities and coaches made it well worth it. The friends I made while there made it that much better. Those guys on the team are like brothers to me and we all keep in contact still.  

When did you know were going to be a professional baseball player?

I knew I was going to play professional baseball when I first started playing baseball. That was always my goal. I wanted to be a professional athlete so I made it my life goal to do whatever it took to get there. 

What was your experience getting drafted to the MLB?

Draft day was pretty crazy. The first 15 rounds were long and strenuous. You’re so anxious to hear your name called and that dream fulfilled so those days and hours before I got drafted were tough. I always knew I could return to school and finish my last year but this was my opportunity to get to the professional level. Finally the third day of the draft, the first round of that day (16th round) the Seattle Mariners called me and told me they had selected me and from that moment on it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Such a surreal feeling. All my family and friends were calling and it was such an amazing feeling to know how much love and support you have in a moment like that.  

What was it like joining your first minor league team?

There were butterflies for sure. But those faded quickly. I knew I had taken a step in the right direction but I knew the job wasn’t finished. I wanted to now get to the big leagues and compete with the best of the best. The guys I grew up watching on T.V., I wanted to play with and against. I made more friends and learned a lot from everyone I played with which helped me rise through the levels.  

How did you move up the Mariners system so fast?

I was fortunate enough to stay healthy (knock on wood), and just produce. I worked hard, was a good teammate, and really improved in some areas that I desperately needed to improve. I think all these things helped me get noticed by the people in the front office and help me get moved up.  

What was your reaction when you got called up to the Seattle Mariners?

The phone call was short, quick, but again surreal. This was the call I was waiting for since I started playing teeball. I honestly can’t put my feelings into words during that moment. I’m just so fortunate and blessed to have been given that opportunity.  

How is MLB life so far?

MLB life is good so far. It’s a lot of work, and you have to stay focused and really work on your craft everyday. Whether it’s watching video on hitters, or doing PFP’s and working out, You are always doing something.  

What was in like pitching in your first MLB game April 6, 2014?

Butterflies. So much adrenaline. Yet a lot of fun. This is where I wanted to be so it was awesome to finally be there. I was ready to show the baseball world that I’m here and that I wanna stick around for a while.  

What adjustments did you have to make coming out of Clemson, pitching versus professional hitters?

Luckily for me pitching at Clemson helped me prepare for professional baseball.  We played great competition each and every game and I actually played against a handful of the same guys my first year in the minors. You always have stuff to work on however, so in my case I had to improve my consistency with throwing strikes and my overall command of all my pitches. Being able to throw any pitch in any count. 

Which MLB player do you want to pitch against the most?

Well since this is his last year, I would love to pitch against Derek Jeter.  Growing up watching him play, despite him being a Yankee (haha) I gained so much respect for how he handled himself on the field and off the field.  You never heard a negative report about him.  On the field he is a class act and is an absolute gamer. 

What do you like to do in your free time/offseason?

I love to golf in my free time. It is nice to stay competitive in something else other than baseball.  I also love to watch movies and play video games.  Besides those things I make sure I follow my workout schedule and prepare myself for the upcoming season as best I can. 

Whats your favorite place to eat in Connecticut?

There are way too many good places to eat in Connecticut for me to pick just one.  The entire state and even entire region (New England) has the best food around.   

Do you think Connecticut is becoming a baseball state now with about 15 players in the MLB including Matt Harvey, Mike Olt, Evan Scribner, Craig Breslow, Josh Zeid ect.

I think Connecticut is starting to get recognized more in terms of being a baseball state.  It is tough for us because we don’t get to play all year round.  We get buried under snow for a few months which makes it really difficult for players to stay sharp.  But in the end of the day its not what you came from, its what you did with your opportunity.  All those guys you listed above have proven they can work through the elements, earn opportunities to get on a bigger stage and then continue to prove to people that the Northeast shouldn’t be forgotten in terms of searching for baseball talent.

Whats your favorite thing about PG Sports?

You guys are awesome.  Your products are new and innovative and you’re a CT brand.  Plus, just like the rest of us you are following a dream of yours.  You’ve made the necessary steps towards fulfilling your life goals and dreams so for me, its an honor to help support that and show off your hard work and your vision in such a simple way.

PG Talk: Renee Montgomery

WNBA All-Star of the Connecticut Sun

Profile: Renee Montgomery | Age: 27 | Home State: West Virginia

Twitter: @Da20one | Facebook: Renee Montgomery | Website: http://www.r21m.com/

College: University of Connecticut | WNBA team: Connecticut Sun | Overseas team: Vologda Chevakata

Achievements: WNBA All-Star | WNBA 6th Woman of the Year | WNBA All-Rookie Team | NCAA National Champion | NCAA All-American | McDonald’s All-American | West Virginia Player of the Year | Spokeswoman for the Pajama Program


PG: When did you first start playing basketball?
RM: I first started playing basketball around 10 years old. My older sisters were playing and me being the youngest, I wanted to do everything like them.
Did you play any other sports growing up?
I ran track when I was younger and picked up soccer in high school. I had a small stint with cheerleading but that wasn’t really a good fit for me.
Who was your favorite athlete or athletes growing up?
Didn’t really have one. But Tonya Cardoza became my favorite and also was my coach at UConn.
How and why did you pick UConn if your from West Virginia?
Choosing UConn was a tough decision believe it or not. A lot of coaches were talking about the impact I could have on their program and Coach A had a whole different approach. He told me they just signed a point guard the year before, that there were no guarantees and I would have to earn everything. I liked that, so I chose Uconn
How was your college experience at UConn?
My college experience at Uconn was both challenging and fulfilling. I went into college not really knowing what to expect. Being from WV things were more on a small town level and when I got to Uconn everything was on the big stage. I learned and grew a lot and finally my senior year I was able to go undefeated and win a championship. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
When did you know were going to be a professional basketball player?
I never knew I was going to be a professional basketball player until I was actually drafted and heard my name called. Sport professions are never guaranteed because you can get hurt at any time. I’ve always wanted to play professionally and I was also happy to be able to achieve that goal because of all the sacrifices my parents and sisters made for me.
What was your experience getting drafted to the WNBA?
My experience getting drafted was a whirl wind. The draft occurred 48 hours after I won the national championship so needless to say I was exhausted. No matter how tired I was the experience was something I will always cherish. To have my parents and college coach there to watch me take the next step in my career was unforgettable.
What are your goals that you want to reach in the WNBA?
If you ask any athlete, the individual goals are great but we all want the same thing, a championship. I have won a championship at every level in my career and want to top it off with a WNBA one.
What is it like to play overseas in the WNBA offseason? Did you have to learn a new language?
It’s an experience like no other to be submerged in a culture that’s not your own. I did not learn the language but I try to pick up on as much as I can in the 6 months that I live there. Usually there are teammates and a coach that speak English so it’s not very hard to communicate. It’s tough being away from family and friends for such a long amount of time but it’s also a unique experience to be able to see life outside of America.
What do you want to do after your professional basketball career?
After my basketball career is over I would like to do some type of sportscasting. Sounds crazy but since I was little I’ve always wanted to act so maybe I would try that out as well.
Whats your favorite thing about PG Sports?
I love how PG Sports is everywhere and anywhere because athletes will workout and perform everywhere and anywhere so I can relate.